With Piccola we have reissued our 7cm last, making it more comfortable and elegant and incorporating gel padding that guarantees comfort on all occasions.

    In this case, we have made one of the most flattering combinations, combining the Nude velvet of our already classic shoe Evita with our new brocade velvet with greater texture and luminosity. The nude velvet on the upper is short-haired, giving a feeling very close to suede but without the drawbacks in terms of cleaning it. This shade is one of the most flattering as it suits women with fair and darker skin.

  • The pattern of crossed strips is one of the most adaptable patterns since it supports in the case of having thin feet and does not oppress in the case of having a wider foot. This also makes it flexible throughout the day and in seasons when we can have more swollen feet, being able to adjust the straps as needed.

    Its height of 7cm and our new wide heel with a shorter base which stylizes the design, guarantee comfort and stability even for those women who are not very accustomed to heels.


    In semi-open models like in this case, we recommend selecting half a number less than usual or even a number less if you have very thin feet.

    If you are not sure about your size, contact us at style@just-ene.com and we will advise you on it. We cover from size 34 to 42 including half sizes.


    - Heel: 7 cm
    - Outer material: nude pink velvet and nude velvet brocade
    - Lining: 100% goatskin
    - Swarovski buckle
    - Sole: 100% leather- Comfort: internal gel insoles

    Made in Spain

  • Shipping time:The delivery time for collection shoes is 2-3 working days.

    This does not apply to custom or commissioned models, whose delivery time is 4-6 weeks. To find out if your size or model is custom-made, you will see that next to the size is the text "made-to-order".

    Refund: collection shoes purchased online accept returns. This does not apply to custom made shoes. You can check our return policy here.