Minerva is the most powerful goddess in Roman mythology. War, strategy, science, navigation, justice, medicine... It seems that nothing escaped this woman who was born armed and uttering a war cry that made the whole world tremble. She has inspired us to create this beautiful model that, like Minerva, has it all.

    Here we have combined one of our most seductive cuts with a monochrome style that has been carefully cared for down to the last detail and a shiny mesh fabric, for a piece that is an immediate crush.

    What makes them special:

    - Their straps and metallic trims make a dazzling play of light with the glitter of the fabric and the silver plating of the heel, which it also protects it from bumps and scratches so you can walk on any surface without worrying.

    - Its deep neckline gives your feet that slim and sexy look so typical of a sandal, but maintaining the support of a closed shoe that protects your fingers and your heel.

    This model is a true jewel in any bridal look, both with a straight wedding dress and with another princess cut. After the wedding, dare to wear it with a long dress with a lower opening, since the bare leg looks even more slender and elegant with the cut of the shoe. As for accessories, do not hesitate to bet on the silver color, but pay close attention to balance so as not to overload.

    The semi-open style looks light and subtle, but its 10-centimeter thin heel and no platform requires of some experience to master it. Luckily, the internal gel padding will help your foot stay comfortable, and the strap will allow you to adjust them to your ankle perfectly.

    Our Minerva shoes are available on request from size 34 to 42, including mean numbers. In addition, since we make them to measure, you can write to us at style@just-ene.com telling us about any customization you need, and we will make sure they are perfect.


    In semi-open models like in this case, we recommend selecting half a number less than usual. In the case of wide feet, we recommend writing to us at style@just-ene.com to select the size or customize it with a greater width.


    - Heel: 10 cm
    - Outer material: silver mesh and silver mirror trims
    - Rectangular silver buckle with Swarovski
    - Lining: 100% goatskin
    -Gold-plated heel
    - Sole: 100% leather
    - Comfort: internal gel insoles

    Made in Spain

  • Shipping time:The delivery time for collection shoes is 4-7 working days.

    This does not apply to custom or commissioned models, whose delivery time is 6-8 weeks. To find out if your size or model is custom-made, you will see that next to the size is the text "custom-made".

    Refund: collection shoes purchased online accept returns. This does not apply to custom made shoes. You can check our return policy here.