Made of goatskin with pink velvet and heel finished in fur in the same tone with maroon velvet collar. FURBY is the perfect shoe to wear with a party look and give a more rocker touch or with a more casual look giving a more CHIC touch. Its 2-piece design will not go unnoticed, and the combination of textures and materials make this court shoe an ally with which to give an elegant touch to any look. Its neckline is open and the beginning of the fingers will appear, which will visually lengthen the leg.

    It is the renewal of the design of our iconic wave salons that you may have seen on wedding guest and bridal look blogs, such as Perfect Guest, Miss Cavallier, Bridalada...

    This model is made of very flexible leather so it will adapt perfectly to your foot, guaranteeing the comfort of the shoe at all times. Its maroon velvet collar gives that chic touch that separates the shoe into two parts and makes it more genuine. Its wide gold-plated heel ensures durability and protects from possible friction and scratches. Since this model is made to order, you can customize both the front leather and the material of the heel, and the tone of the collar.

    This model has standard sizing. Select the size you usually wear.

    - Heel: 10 cm
    - Outer material: 80% pink velvet and 20% pink fur textile-Gold-plated heel
    - Lining: 100% goatskin
    - Sole: 100% natural leather
    - Comfort: internal gel insoles
    - Made in Spain
  • Shipping time:
    The delivery time for collection shoes is 2-3 working days.
    This does not apply to custom or commissioned models, whose delivery time is 4-6 weeks. To find out if your size or model is custom-made, you will see that next to the size the text "custom-made" appears.

    Refund: Collectible shoes allow free returns. This does not apply to custom shoes. You can check our return policy here.