Materials for personalized women's heels


Velvet, genuine leather, synthetic leather, satin, linen, mohair, prints and glitter. These are some examples of the materials with which we usually make our custom shoes and our collection shoes. However, the list of fabrics and textures for women's custom high-heeled shoes is really extensive, as many types of shoes can be designed.

To serve as a guide, in this publication we explain the characteristics of the three materials you ask about the most when you visit our atelier: velvet, skin and the prints.

Personalized Velvet Pumps

velvet is a fabric created with wool, cotton, linen or silk of origin eastern. Its short, thick strands are distributed evenly, creating that soft and elegant texture of hair we all know. This is surely one of the reasons why, in most cases, you ask us to make velvet the main material for your personalized shoes.

What surely few of you know is that in the Middle Ages it was used by royalty, nobility and clergy, since it was a high-priced fabric. Therefore, only people who belonged to these social classes could afford velvet garments.

This oriental and medieval taste has recovered strongly in the 90s, being the star fabric for suits, jackets, dresses and coats.

Velvet has been all the rage ever since. And it is not for less, because its softness, sweetness and elegance make any garment or accessory very sophisticated and feminine!

At Just-ENE we use velvet in all kinds of shoes: sandals, semi-open shoes and pumps.



Fur is another classic fabric used to create accessories and garments. We all have in mind that in prehistoric times human beings began to dress in the skins of the animals they hunted!

Most everyone has faux fur in their wardrobes these days, but how would you feel about having pumps customized with genuine python skin? You'd be looking for any excuse to wear them, for sure!

Although we work with other types of leather such as leather and patent leather, it should be noted that at Just-ENE we also have synthetic leathers, which allows us to manufacture vegan shoes.

This is the perfect option for all those of you who want to have this type of print on your personalized women's high-heeled shoes or on collection shoes and, at the same time, want being responsible with the environment.

Whatever the type of leather, we have one thing clear: leathers provide elegance and exclusivity that is completely unbeatable.

Fabrics with textures and patterns

Another of the materials that we use the most at Just-ENE for our personalized women's high-heeled shoes at the request of our brides and guests are fabrics with prints or textures.

Including a bow, some feathers or some stonework on a solid, pastel or nude color material can mark the difference between a minimalist bridal look or one with a more daring touch. In this sense, we will advise you so that the combination by contrast that is created between the dress and the shoes is harmonious and sophisticated.


Do you have any questions about these materials? Come to our atelier!

Although these are the three materials most used in our atelier, we are completely open to contemplating other options and other types of materials for your personalized women's heels

You can ask us about other fabrics and materials by calling the phone number 635 578 292. You can also come visit us at our atelier. Specifically, we are at Calle Almirante, number 18, postal code 28004, Madrid.

From Monday to Thursday our hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. On Fridays we remain open continuously from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.. Meanwhile, on Saturdays we will be delighted to assist you from 10:30 to 20:30 hours. Come visit us at our atelier!


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