Is it a good idea to take a risk with some original wedding shoes?

¿Es buena idea arriesgarse con unos zapatos de novia originales?

The secret of originality is not only in choosing wedding shoes with bright colors and eccentric shapes. On the contrary, originality is found both in a bold design and in the creation of an elegant and sophisticated pair of shoes. The fundamental thing is that those bridal shoes have that personal touch , which allows you to reflect your personality and character .

Just-ENE was born with the objective of enhancing the best version of each of our brides with the creation of original bridal shoes , adapted to the style and comfort of each one.

Original and comfortable bridal shoes: unique designs at Just-ENE

Examples of the originality with which we work at Just-ENE are our Naked Bianca sandals, our Afrodita Nature shoes, Afrodita Nude and its open sandal version: Afrodita Nude Sandal . Also, our Cameron sandals, Cinderella and our Pink Diamond open sandals, from the Couture Collection, stand out.

Naked Bianca, a white bridal shoe with its own character

When we think of a white bridal shoe we can be tempted to think of a closed, smooth or satin court shoe with an antique style. At Just-ENE we have reinterpreted white bridal shoes , creating our Naked Bianca model .

These sandals are made with off-white velvet and their design is based on a series of straps that hug and run along the foot in a sinuous way . Naked Bianca has a thin gold-plated heel and an adjustable strap with a buckle , adorned with Swarovski crystals . Its design radiates simplicity, elegance and character in equal parts , stylizing the foot and adding a sexy touch to your bridal look.


The Aphrodite series by Just-ENE, our emblematic design

The mirrored strips and the stylized shape of the last are the main characteristics of our Aphrodite series, made up of three types of models.

Aphrodite Nature is the court shoe par excellence at Just-ENE . The intense green color and platinum color of the strips find their source of inspiration in nature . Meanwhile, the design shows the perfect marriage between modern style and vintage style .

The Nature model is committed to a vibrant color. On the contrary, our Afrodita Nude model is made with pleated moiré satin in a nude tone , showing a more romantic and sweet style . This is the perfect model for those brides who want to feel very feminine and elegant on their big day.

Our Aphrodite Nude sandal version is created from the "Naked" pattern , adding a sexy touch to your bridal look. This model is perfect for women with personality and with somewhat more daring wedding dresses.


Cameron, our most original sandal from the Promessa Collection

The synthetic pony fabric , the nude color of the moiré , its rose gold details and its rose gold brocade ring make this 10 cm sandal a platform on which to affirm your personality and character . An exquisite shoe full of details , suitable for sweet women with marked style .


Cinderella, the reinterpretation of a romantic shoe with a sexy style

Our Cinderella sandal is the perfect example of the kind of original and comfortable bridal shoes that we make at Just-ENE. This is a 10 cm high model, made entirely of rose gold glitter fabric , with a modern yet very feminine design .

If there is something that can shine brighter than crystal shoes, in the style of fairy tales, it is without a doubt, our glitter sandal, Cinderella.


Pink Diamond, the reinterpretation of pink bridal shoes, to dazzle while stomping

Pink Diamond is a daring bet for all those brides who want to lengthen their steps towards the altar, standing out and shining like never before. The delicate and tender pink color of the suede becomes a display of daring and distinction , thanks to the countless Swaroski crystals that run through the model from start to finish.

This, together with its reverspective heel and its 13 cm height with a platform, make this pair of original bridal shoes a safe bet for those women who begin their new stage with self-confidence and with the overwhelming character that defines them. .


Make an appointment and come to our atelier!

Taking a risk with original wedding shoes is the best decision you can make, because when we talk about originality we are not talking about eccentricities, but about bringing out your most authentic version on one of the most important days of your entire life.

In the Just-ENE atelier you will find our collection of designer shoes and you can also ask about the creation of personalized bridal shoes. The atelier team has training and experience in Fashion Styling and Design, so they can expertly advise you on the choice of materials, color tones, heel type and height. Come to our atelier and check the quality and comfort of our original bridal shoes!

Remember that the originality and daring point in your bridal shoes is as personal as you , so we recommend that you do not compare yourself . On the contrary, trust expert professionals who can advise you correctly, taking into account your style and personality.

We are located at Calle Almirante, 18, postal code 28004, in Madrid . Our team will be available from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. On Fridays our hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. , with uninterrupted attention. On Saturdays we will also answer your questions continuously, from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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