Just-ENE was born in 2014 as a atelier specializing in exclusive and personalized shoes for women who are going strong. Our vocation was and is to create a new fashion concept in which each woman is the protagonist, allowing her to design shoes as unique as herself so that they reflect her personality and her style hers . We want the design, the color and the height of the heel to stop being a problem, so that each woman can walk in that shoe with which she feels comfortable and safe, because for us there is nothing more beautiful and that transmits more strength than a woman walking confidently on her heels.

At Just-Ene we believe that having a designer and quality shoe does not have to mean giving up your personality or your style, for this reason we try to reconcile the design and the care of the finishes with the adaptation of fashion to your liking . To do this, when designing our shoes we focus on three pillars: design, quality and comfort.

Our goal is to extol the beauty and identity of that woman who wears Just-Ene. We want the woman that Just-Ene chooses to step strong, feel attractive, feminine and elegant, and that is the character that we print to each of our designs and options.

In addition, at Just-Ene, we are We are aware that the world and fashion are constantly evolving, which is why each season we introduce new designs and options, so that you can always create fresh and trendy designs. This is complemented by the proposals that the Just-Ene Creative Team makes each season and that you can see in our collection..

Our beginnings were purely as Atelier but after the success of our collection and the opening of our first store, the first Ready-to-wear collection of Just-ENE was born, which allows you to buy our most successful designs without waiting.


Really our collection was born by accident. We never intended to create a shoe collection as such, what we wanted was to give free rein to your imagination and give you ideas for your designs. However, we had to test all models before being able to manufacture them, for this purpose what is usually called "ugly tests" is usually done, which implied (as its name suggests) using bad and ugly skins and even manufacturing a single foot of each one of them to make shoes that were later discarded and were useless.

After some ugly tests and the great shame that we felt when we saw shoes in the trash, we decided to take advantage of those tests to make shoes that we would like to see, turning them into "beautiful tests". Since we only did a test pair of each shoe, that allowed us to make different combinations, with materials that caught our attention, that we liked, and that we were looking forward to seeing in a shoe. This is very difficult to do in the case of big brands, since you cannot have a stock of shoes that were later more difficult to sell and that were beyond the basics.

However, this "collection" of beautiful and different tests, was very successful among stylists and celebrities, which took us very quickly to the red carpet, arousing the interest of the people, which led us to make our first collection betting on different and stylish shoes.

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