Designed in blue velvet and combined with brocaded leather details in old silver, Bambina Blu II reinterprets the essence of its predecessor while maintaining its versatility.

    This new closed-toe sandal pattern maintains the closed-toe elegance of a court shoe and the freshness of a sandal. For greater support The design incorporates a central strip that visually lengthens the instep.

    The three intertwined straps on the toecap and the double edging on the heel allow for an incomparable play of lights and textures that in this combination mixes the romanticism of the velvet texture in blue with the vintage touch of damask in old silver.

    This closed sandal is designed on our 8.5 cm last with a fine toe, with which we achieve a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. It also has an internal gel padding of approximately one centimeter, so it has the advantages of a platform without sacrificing the elegance of the classic pump.

    Its fine silver-plated heel stands out for its stability (within what a fine heel is) and for its contribution of lightness to the design, giving it a sophisticated touch while protecting the heel from any possible damage. As a last detail, the buckle encrusted with Swarovski crystals puts the final point of light on this shoe.

    The cut of this shoe allows you to combine different textures on the edging, the heel and the upper, giving a touch of light and personality to your shoes.

    This model is especially indicated for normal or thin feet, providing a comfortable solution for all those women who feel little supported by open-toe sandals.

    If you are not sure about your size, contact us at and we will advise you on it. We cover from size 34 to 42 including half numbers.


    In semi-open models like in this case, we recommend selecting half a number less than usual. In the case of wide feet, we recommend writing to us at to select the size or customize it with a greater width.


    - Heel: 8.5 cm
    - Outer material: blue velvet and old silver brocade
    - Silver swarovski buckle
    - Lining: 100% goatskin
    -Silver-plated heel
    - Sole: 100% leather
    - Comfort: internal gel insoles

    Made in Spain

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