VOGUE | Bridal shoes: the complete guide to find the perfect shoes for the wedding

VOGUE | Zapatos de novia: la guía completa para dar con el calzado perfecto para la boda

Vogue reviews the options that brides have when choosing the perfect shoe for their wedding day. Here the option of personalized or custom shoes stands out among those that include us as one of the favorites of brides. You can read the full article here.

"Custom shoes"

"As is the case with dresses, custom-made shoes are an increasingly popular option among brides. The reason, in this case, is much more practical. Because, obviously, being able to create a design from scratch, with the colors, materials and the desired silhouette, is a point in favor of custom-made shoes.However, here comfort plays a fundamental role.Being able to adapt the thickness and length of the heel, incorporating a platform, a closure that better supports the foot or establishing the width of the last depending on each foot, will turn an a priori common shoe into the ideal shoe for every bride.In this sense, firms such as Just -Ene, Flordeasoka or Serena Whitehaven, which offer both customization of designs and tailoring to measure, they have positioned themselves among the favorites of brides."