Andrea came to Just-Ene looking for bridal shoe options through Instagram and fell in love with our PINK SWAN with a silk bow and decided to contact us to see how we could do her design since she is from Almería and I couldn't come to the Atelier.

Irene got to work with Andrea and they were looking at which were the most appropriate designs so that they would fit the morphology of her foot well.

Andrea had an idea of ​​a blue, gray, something pastel and sweet color, and we were working to offer her design alternatives suitable to her taste.

Irene got her idea quite well and sent her a sketch with a design proposal with her baby blue velvet bridal sandals with floral print sequin heels.

And here you can see the result of her bridal sandals, a unique design, with light and sweetness like Andrea, who is heaven.

She still tells us that she wears her shoes with jeans and dresses to go out to dinner and show off her pretty shoes.

Thank you Andrea for your trust in us and for allowing us to create these very special sandals with you.

Photography @imagenesdemiboda