It begins to smell of summer….the days are getting longer, the time on the terrace begins, chatting with friends until dawn, time with the family, time to relax....

For some strange reason, it seems that the good weather feeds the “me moment” effect, the one in which from time to time you like not to think about anything, or at least think that you don't think about anything.

That when you sit with yourself, with a glass of wine, a beer or a fruit juice and you simply look at infinity thinking about your things... it is the time for "the world to end, but nobody can take me away this moment.”

The time has finally arrived when your skin gradually begins to change from nuclear white to a more toasty tone, you look good. You are finally taking light and bright colors out of the closet, because little by little you stop seeing yourself as a ghost with them, you get dressed and think, “here I am to eat the world”.

You already think about taking the sandals out of the closet, and that's when you realize that those shoes that you wore so comfortable last year have a strange shape that perhaps you didn't remember. With how pretty they looked last year!

Perhaps it is the ideal moment to design your sandals, adapted to your style, with those colors that you like, with which you look good. What better time to think about how to dress your feet this season? Metallics, camel tones, pastel tones, strong ones are in fashion… now more than ever everything is in fashion, because what matters is you and what you like. It is the best moment to customize your sandal, the one with which you feel feminine and sexy.

Choose the height of the heel with which you feel comfortable and the colors that you like, the style is up to you. As they say, "fashions pass, style is eternal", so perhaps the time has come when you can be the one to set your style. What are you waiting for to design your shoes?

Doubts? we know that questions may arise when choosing your shoe, so remember that you can always ask us about your size, materials and combinations or any other question you may have by writing to we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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March 22, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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