Wide-heeled wedding shoes: history and unique designs at Just-ENE

Zapatos de novia de tacón ancho: historia y diseños únicos en Just-ENE

Bridal shoes with wide heels and platforms are back in fashion and, above all, those in nude, sandy or basic tones triumph. This type of heel has more history than you imagine and, at Just-ENE, we have a selection of shoes for lovers of wide heels , which will trigger your creativity.

Why did wide-heeled shoes begin to be worn?

In 1947 , Christian Dior presented his first haute couture collection to the world, called "New Look" . In it, feminine shapes that accentuated the waist and "stilettos" were its main bets. In the 1950s, the fashion world could afford mass production of this type of shoes.

Femininity and the classic canon of women were established in the world of fashion, until the arrival of the 70s , when a 180º turn took place. The important thing at that time was to free oneself from social rules and feminine stereotypes , rejecting those thin and sinuous shapes provided by corsets and stilettos.

Comfortable shoes, with high and wide heels , combined with bright and cheerful colors were the stars of the moment. Little by little, this style was refined until reaching the wide-heeled shoes that we know today: somewhat more discreet in design compared to the shoes of the 70s, but that meet the same concept of comfort and demonstration. of personality and character than then.

What type of wide-heeled bridal shoes do we create at Just-ENE?

Just-ENE is the only Spanish shoe brand that has its own factory and its own master craftsmen , with great experience and skill in creating bridal shoes and for all types of events.

This allows us to create all types of wide-heeled shoes regardless of the material , design , color , details or final finish . In fact, we design collection shoes and sandals , but we also offer you the possibility of designing your own personalized bridal shoes.

Shoes are our passion and making you feel confident in the shoes you choose or design is our main objective. That is why our designs are so varied: at Just-ENE there is room for sweet and romantic women and also for daring and strong women .

Promessa di Amore is an exquisite shoe and matches perfectly with the personality of women with a tender and sweet character . While Cipria is the apple of the eye of brides and guests who opt for a different sandal, but without eccentricities. Rather, they are looking for a versatile shoe in this model, wearable for all types of occasions.


However, Damascus is a model with an oriental and daring style , perfect for women who, due to their overwhelming personality, never go unnoticed. With this, you will give a touch of color to your bridal or guest look .


Canaima is one of the latest models, fresh from the hands of our master craftsmen . Its printed satin is reminiscent of a tropical paradise and evokes the freedom and richness of these natural places, both wild and unique. Canaima is undoubtedly a model for risk-taking women , who enjoy life and the joy found in it.

Come to Just-ENE and we will create the custom shoe of your dreams

The best bridal shoes for your special day are those in which you feel most comfortable and most "you" . In that sense, only you know what is best, what design is appropriate and, ultimately, what is the perfect wedding shoe for you .

At Just-ENE we will help you create wide-heeled bridal shoes, based on collection shoes , or in a personalized way, starting from a last and choosing all the details. Book an appointment at our atelier and our expert team in Fashion Styling and Design will help you throughout the process.

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