Ideas to choose your blue wedding shoes

Ideas para elegir tus zapatos azules de novia

Something new , something old , something borrowed and... something blue ! Continuing with this tradition, many women make the decision to wear blue wedding shoes. This choice is gaining more followers every day and, also at Just-ENE, we consider that it is a very useful and daring choice since blues are very versatile and combinable with other looks , so you can wear your blue wedding shoes on all occasions that arise.

Why is the color blue one of the essential colors for a bridal look?

Fidelity , freedom and eternity are the main values ​​that the color blue represents. Wearing a blue detail, no matter how minimal, is a symbolic gesture that flags the foundations of that new couple.

There are women who choose to wear blue details such as earrings and nails . Others integrate this color as part of the tones of the bridal look , adding blue flowers to their hair and/or choosing blue flowers for the bouquet . Others, more daring, wear blue shoes for the wedding day , adding a touch of color that never goes unnoticed.

At Just-ENE we have a firm goal : that brides who wear our models feel more authentic than ever . Blue bridal shoes should be a reflection of the bride's personality . In short, they should be an incentive for the bride to bring out her most personal side .

Our blue shoes are designed for all women: from those who enjoy a romantic and somewhat more discreet design , to those for whom having a daring and ground-breaking look on their wedding day is essential.

Types of blue for bridal shoes

Navy blue and royal or heraldic blue are two shades of blue that are quite common among brides who choose this type of different and original wedding shoes . The combination of a blue color of this great saturation and low luminosity with bright details or colors with great reflectance are the jewel of any wardrobe.

Our Oceane model is an example of the above description. Bridal and even guest shoes, with their own personality and with a jewel touch , thanks to the embedded Swarovski crystals . With these navy blue wedding shoes, it will seem like you are walking on a starry sky.


Sky blue is a romantic and tender color with little saturation and great luminosity , perfect for those brides who want to wear that “something blue”, but in a discreet and sweet way . The combination of this color with details such as bows and bracelets is usually the most common.

Bambina Blue II is a sky blue bridal shoe model, very feminine and elegant, that will lengthen each of your steps thanks to its sharp closed toe. In addition, its golden strips create a vintage effect , perfect for women of any age .


Turquoise blue and aquamarine blue are two colors that are often confused with each other. The main difference is that turquoise has a greener and more saturated tone than aquamarine . For its part, aquamarine tends to be brighter and less saturated, imitating the color of the crystalline and serene waters of the Caribbean .

Few women have the courage to wear these types of colors since they are more striking, although no less elegant. At Just-ENE you will find the Galatea model, sandals with an original and completely unique design that you will not find in any other brand. The play of its smooth velvety and brocade textures gives off an unmatched personality and style .


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