The platform is back in fashion, also for brides!


The 70s were the years of liberation and hippie style , in which wide-heeled shoes and platforms burst into the fashion world. Sandals , heels , clogs and even boots were created with killer platforms, creating a very daring and striking style , even for the time.

Then came the wooden platforms, the peep toe and the return to the stilettos . However, fifty years later, the platform has returned and is still as valid as the first day. It is even being reinvented, taking it to the limit, with models such as Versace's wide-heeled, double-platform shoes , popularized by Chiara Ferragni . This model was immediately echoed by commercial brands, increasing the fever of impossible platforms.

Without falling into these extremes, platforms can be the best companions in your daily life. Even comfortable bridal shoes with a platform can be perfect for you to enjoy that special date without limits: your wedding.

Comfortable wedding shoes with a platform, is that possible?

On your wedding day the most important thing is that you shine and feel confident in yourself. In this, shoes are very important: you will need designer, quality, and also comfortable shoes that allow you to enjoy the whole day, dancing , running ... Whatever you want, it's your day!

What if we told you that platform wedding shoes can be comfortable and, at the same time, have a spectacular design? Our job is to create personalized and designer bridal shoes so that you can dazzle with each of your steps. It is our job; That you bring out your most authentic side with your Just-ENE shoes is our greatest hope.

At Just-ENE we manufacture court shoes , sandals , platform sandals and semi-open shoes , halfway between a court shoe and a sandal. All this, in an artisanal way, thanks to the master shoemakers of our own factory. All our collection shoes and all our personalized shoes are made in Spain, based on our own designs and lasts specifically created by us.

Our careful manufacturing process, our master craftsmen, the quality of the materials and personalized attention are the pillars of Just-ENE. Based on them, we assure you that, with us, you will find the comfortable platform bridal shoes that you are looking for for your day.

Our Cameron , Afrodita Nude Sandal or Petra Nude models are models with nude pink tones, ideal for brides , for guests and also for any other type of events. You can check all our platform shoes by following this link.

comfortable bridal shoes with platform

Book an appointment at our shoe atelier and discover for yourself the comfort and elegance of all the designer shoes we have at Just-ENE. Through this link, you can book an in-person or virtual appointment .

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