Tips for choosing comfortable bridal sandals


With the arrival of good weather, bridal sandals are one of the best options for the big day. Not only for its versatility, but also for its comfort , but... what is the key to finding comfortable bridal sandals , with which to enjoy the entire wedding and celebration ?

In this publication we leave you some tips from our experts in Fashion Styling and Design , with which you will succeed in your choice of bridal sandals .

Will you wear stockings?

Many brides begin to think about their wedding shoes by thinking about the color, the type of fabric for their shoes or even the details . That's the final phase! One of the most important factors is whether you will be wearing tights or not . And because?

Precisely because socks tend to compress the foot, causing you to need a half size smaller or one size smaller . And, on the contrary: if the wedding took place during the summer months, but you were not wearing socks, you will probably need half a size larger, since the foot tends to swell a little in the heat.

In general, we do not recommend the use of stockings , since, by compressing the foot, they cause it to slip and tend forward, causing discomfort and lack of stability .

For each type of foot there is a type of sandal

Each foot is unique and at Just-ENE we have created different types of lasts , depending on the type of foot, so that the model adapts perfectly .

Open patterns, for wide feet

These types of patterns are perfect for wide feet. They can go with an ankle bracelet or with crisscrossed straps on the instep , which provide extra support. The butterfly upper of the Sorrento model and the slingback shape of the Arrivederci model are perfect for wide feet.


Medium patterns

These types of patterns have a medium width and a fit suitable for any type of foot. They may include a bracelet or a cross on the instep. Our Malta and Petra Nude models are two clear examples of this type of pattern.


Closed patterns, for thin feet

This type of pattern has a thinner upper and a more moderate front opening, allowing the toes not to be seen as much. At Just-ENE you will find models with closed patterns with a knot, with a bracelet or in a T shape. Our models Calypso , Promessa Rosé Sandal and Bolero Fuoco .


Choose the type of heel for an extra touch of comfort

The shape of the heel is a matter of completely personal taste and comfort. For this reason, at Just-ENE we have created three types of designs.

  • Lady Marmalade is a slingback shoe, with a fixed strap at the back and a bracelet that crosses the instep.
  • Diamond Rosé is the perfect example of a shoe with an open heel made up of two crossed straps that act as a double bracelet.
  • Arrivederci falls into the last category of slingback shoes, leaving the heel completely free, without a bracelet or straps to support it.


Look for a unified aesthetic

There is no point in wearing unique and exclusive shoes if you do not take into account the final bridal look . You're probably wondering: “Okay, I can have a whole idea, but what if the fabrics , textures and colors I've chosen don't go together well at all?”

In our shoe atelier in Madrid, you will find a team of experts in Fashion Styling and Design who will assist you in a personalized way. They will recommend all the combinations and details that you can add or avoid in your look, to bring out your best version on that special day.

Take care of your feet and nails!

Don't forget to prepare your feet and nails for the big day! Weeks in advance, we recommend that you do all the care your heels and nails need. A few days before, you can get a pedicure , opting for a French pedicure or colors that combine with the bridal look.

Remember to hydrate your feet well during the previous months! Also, we recommend that you get your wedding shoes or wedding sandals as soon as possible, so that they accompany you in each dress fitting and so that they can adapt to you.

Check our online store and come to our atelier

If you have any questions or need personalized advice, you can go to our atelier, in the center of Madrid. Specifically, we are located at Calle Almirante, number 18, zip code 28004 . We have a customization option and also the option to design your own personalized bridal shoes.

Book your in-person or virtual appointment through this link and discover why more and more women choose us as their favorite brand of bridal shoes in Madrid .

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