Keys to achieve a different bridal look

Claves para conseguir un look de novia diferente

Each wedding is a world and each bride is unique. Many of you, when you come to our atelier, ask us about how to achieve a different bridal look that totally reflects your character and personality . To achieve this, we delve into what inspires each of you, to create a personal bridal look. However, there are a series of general keys.

Think about how you want to remember yourself that day

There are times of the year when we become obsessed with a color, a hairstyle, certain earrings or even certain fabrics. Many times this happens because we have made a discovery with a certain fabric or color or simply because we feel like it.

On your wedding day, you have the right to reflect all those discoveries and, also, your evolution. For example, years before your wedding you may have liked a certain hairstyle or bangs. Maybe you thought that your most flattering color was red and yellow, or that you felt more comfortable with a certain style or fabric.

Take time to take care of yourself and prepare for your wedding

People are constantly evolving. Therefore, we encourage you to also take this time of wedding preparation as a personal moment to pamper yourself , take care of yourself and bring out your most personal side . And let this be reflected in your style !

Surely you will think that, with all the wedding preparations, there will be no time left for you, but it must be precisely the opposite. You are going to take an important step in your life and you deserve to bring out your best version, dedicate time and see what shades, styles, details and fabrics are the most flattering for you .

Trust experts who can advise you

For example, you can go to a colorimetry expert , who can advise you on the color range that best suits you according to your skin tone or undertone.

And, of course, if you need help with your bridal look and your bridal shoes, you can go to our atelier. In it, our experts in Fashion Design and Styling will be able to advise you in a completely personalized way, advising you according to your tastes and all possible factors, so that you feel comfortable and confident in yourself at every step.

Tips for a different and daring bridal look

Bet on high-heeled shoes in more unusual colors

Who said that wearing colored shoes on your wedding day is outlandish and inelegant? On the contrary, at Just-ENE we have created models in bright tones and pastel colors, with exquisite designs and a finish worthy of our master craftsmen.

Sophistication, comfort and elegance are the main characteristics of our models. In our atelier we can advise you to find your ideal shoe. Meanwhile, you can check out our blue bridal shoes or other types of heels in bold colors. We recommend our Couture Collection and our new Promessa Collection !

Add unique and meaningful details

We all have symbols , colors or elements that awaken our most authentic side. For some women it is the symbol of an anchor , the color aquamarine , lavender flowers or calla lilies .

That brooch from your grandmother , which she lovingly gave you years ago. Or even some earrings or ring that your mother wore on a special occasion and that, due to family tradition , has now become yours.

To bring out your most feminine, fun-loving or family side, you can include these unique details in your bridal look. You can even ask us to modify and personalize your wedding shoes or wedding sandals, changing the color, fabric, texture, trim, type of heel, etc... At Just-ENE you will find your wedding shoes! personalized bride for the big day!

Choose for yourself

We all know the countless expectations that surround us and, many times, those standards make us bury our most daring and personal side.

For example, if you have the dream of wearing a slightly more stylish wedding dress , with a slit or a certain fabric, or somewhat more special wedding shoes, we encourage you to choose it.

Remember, it's your day! No one else should make a decision that only belongs to you. Trust your intuition and make the wedding of your dreams come true on all levels.

Personalized advice

At Just-ENE we want all the brides who trust us to feel confident in themselves on their big day. If you are looking for personalized bridal shoes or designer bridal shoes with a customization option, you can book a virtual or in-person appointment at our atelier .

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