White bridal shoe: her life after the wedding.


The brides dress in white. And, despite not always being the case, the vast majority of you have always visualized yourself with the elegance and sophistication of this color.

There are thousands of options that exist on the market based on different styles, fabrics, silhouettes,..., a unique piece that, unfortunately, is usually single-use; which is why many times when you are about to look for your ideal wedding shoes , you hesitate between choosing a white shoe or a colored one.

Is it a good idea to choose white for my wedding shoes?

The option of choosing a colored shoe is usually much safer even though it adds some contrast to the look. A decision that helps you make footwear profitable at different events.

On the other hand, the elegance and sophistication that a white wedding shoe provides when it merges with all the details of the dress is difficult to match. Its purity and delicacy make this shoe a true gem , but how easy is it to use a white shoe?

How to get the most out of your Just-ENE:

To begin, we must keep in mind that white , like many light shades, is more likely to contrast any damage produced during the ceremony. However, there are different methods or products that can partially solve or avoid this situation.

This shade is the easiest to combine within the entire chromatic spectrum, fitting with any skin tone thanks to its versatility. However, the big question that arises is: when to reuse this type of footwear?

Our advice is that you dare to experiment . Despite being a leather shoe designed for such a special date, don't be afraid to wear them at ceremonies, events, an important dinner or even a day when you feel like getting ready.

Our proposals:

Below we present different very simple ideas that range from a more casual to a more elegant character to help you get the most out of your Just-ENE shoes.

Starting with an informal style , our proposal for a white closed-toe shoe ( Promessa di Amore ) would be that you combine it with jeans , a white shirt and a sweatshirt or sweater to make this outfit more casual and perfect for halftime.

In case you have opted for a bridal sandal ( Naked Bianca ) for your big day, our proposal is a total jacket and pants look , accompanied by a white top . Being a very neutral image, you can customize it in a thousand ways by playing with different accessories. In this case, we invite you to try adding a touch of color to give more energy to your outfit.

Giving way to a more formal style , as could be the case of a dinner, an event or even attending another wedding , our proposal is that you play with bold colors or prints . This way you will be able to integrate the flash of white with your style.

In this case we have combined our white Athenea Bianca shoe with a green suit, small white jewelry with gold details and our gold brocade leather clutch . Remember that when you are invited you can also take risks by adding a striking color to your makeup .

Bianca 2022 is probably our most bridal style white sandal. Its combination of white velvet and pearl heel make this bridal shoe a true gem. Experiment and be creative, combine your sandal with a printed dress . In this case we have opted for a floral print complemented with pink and silver jewelry .

And, of course, we couldn't forget the total white look outside of the "wedding" context. An ideal style for an Ibizan theme, taking a walk or attending the last summer parties. In this case we have chosen our Chiaro di Luna model, which accompanied by a satin dress in a cream tone complemented by a pearl bag and gold jewelry with flashes of color results in a very minimalist and elegant outfit .

With all these examples we want to make two things clear. The first is that your white shoes can have a thousand uses after the wedding. And the second is that you never wear white to another wedding, only if it is in small details such as footwear or accessories.


Look 1: Just-ENE Footwear ( Promessa di Amore ). Clothing and accessories: Zara. Sweatshirt: Snza Studio.

Look 2: Just-ENE Footwear ( Naked Bianca ). Clothing and accessories: Zara.

Look 3: Just-ENE Footwear ( Athenea Bianca ). Just-ENE bag (brocaded leather clutch). Suit: Mango. Earrings: Andrés Gallardo.

Look 4: Just-ENE Footwear ( Bianca 2022 ). Clothing and accessories: Zara.

Look 5: Just-ENE Footwear ( Chiaro di Luna ). clothing and accessories: Zara.

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