Which Just-ENE wedding shoe are you according to your style?

¿Qué zapato de novia Just-ENE eres según tu estilo?

It's August and wedding season is still in full swing. Many of you are about to get married and are still searching for the perfect wedding shoe .

Each of you has a completely different idea, concept and style . You have designed step by step each of the details of that endearing day and the shoe cannot be any less. That is why we bring you some options for bridal shoes from our collection based on different bridal styles .

Starting with you, the classic bride . Characterized by having a minimalist style , letting the details and accessories help you position your look . You know your tastes very well and you are not easy to surprise, you have probably opted for a slightly tight dress with a halter neck and no slits.


Shoes: Castello , Lady Paris and Aphrodite Bianca .

Continuing with the boho style . Surely you have decided to celebrate your wedding in a cozy, outdoor environment , where you and all your loved ones can enjoy a natural environment with a certain modernist detail and hundreds of instagrammable corners. Your dress will surely play with a lot of detail and flight along its silhouette, generating a certain mysticism and magic in the environment.

Shoes: Spiga Nude , Poème and Helena .

Many of you feel a very strong connection with the genealogical link , which leads you to take elements from your families to incorporate them into your dress or ceremony. It is that vintage aesthetic that makes you add that unique sentimental value to the scene, in addition to the uniqueness that all of that entails. You like to take care of the details, highlight the values ​​and above all, be unique.

Shoes: Sand , Promessa Rosé Sandal and Promessa di Amore .

Continuing with values ​​of uniqueness, there is you; the modern bride Your strong point is experimenting with patterns, silhouettes, materials and fabrics. You love to take risks and be different since you know your body and your style perfectly , trying to create a much more conceptual, creative and fun image.

Shoes: Promessa Rosé , Aphrodite Nude Sandal and Athenea Bianca .

Whether due to the exaltation of your figure , for being the living image of "more is always more" or for the search for volumes that seem straight out of a movie , your exaggeration knows no limits and we love that. You are the extravagant bride and you were born to stand out and leave people speechless.

Shoes: Minerva , Giovanna and Bianca .

And finally, we couldn't forget the less conventional brides . You flee from labels, traditions and reflect your personality wherever you go . Surely you have opted for a colored dress , a tuxedo or something more relaxed. You are not afraid to stand out for your personality but your only objective is to celebrate that day with all your loved ones.

Shoes: Cherry Blossom , Trevi and Naked Bianca .

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