Stars in the sea.

    "And it will not be until sunset when the darkness, after slowly dyeing the horizon, finally brings each and every one of the stars in the sky to dance on the waves of the sea."

    What makes them special:

    This design stands out thanks to its denim fabric that provides versatility thanks to its dark gray tone that, accompanied by the pleated effect and small sparkles , make Gala Denim an elegant and original ballerina .

    This model features a matching trim along the contour of the neckline to fix the texture of the pleat and provide quality, design and longevity to this model.

    Its 1cm silver mirror heel brings luminosity and elegance to this model, avoiding labeling it as just a black shoe.

    Its pronounced neckline gives a touch of dynamism and style to this ballerina, giving an elegant and sexy touch and visually lengthening and stylizing the foot.


    Gala Denim is an ideal shoe for those of you looking for comfortable, versatile and original footwear .


    This ballerina adapts perfectly to any foot. The size fits perfectly, so our recommendation at Gala Denim is that you choose to buy the size you usually wear.

    If you need advice on size or any other question, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp or visit us at our store at Calle Almirante, number 18, 28004, Madrid .


    - Heel: 1 cm wide.
    - Outer material: Dark gray pleated denim, matching satin trim and silver mirror.
    - Lining: leather.
    - Sole: 100% leather.
    - Comfort: All our ballerinas incorporate extra comfort gel in the sole for greater comfort.

    Made in Spain

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    In the case of Gala Denim, only custom sizes will be made .

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