• Light blue velvet sandals in quilted pattern with gold details and block heel


    To create our Bosco Nuvola we had two clear sources of inspiration: the softness of the clouds, which also give them their name, and the supremacy of the sea, reflected in its colors. The result has been this beautiful design that can be that "something blue" of the most important day of your life.

    What makes them special:

    Its quilted velvet effect gives dynamism to the softness of the light tone and winks at the utopia of the sky reflected in the sea. It will be impossible for someone to resist seeing you walk.

    Its platinum-coloured aged-style leather trim provides luminosity, but without falling into excess, to make these sandals a complement that goes well both during the day and at night. night.

    Its symmetrical cut gathers your feet giving you the security of a closed shoe, but elegantly elongating your legs thanks to the neckline and open instep.

    There is no bride who resists details, especially when they hold some meaning. In this case, our Bosco Nuvola have it all and more, becoming the subtle touch of blue that should always be present, reflecting the purity and commitment of the union. When the big day comes to an end, they will go wonderfully in semi-formal and gala looks, after the sun has set.

    Comfort will not be a problem thanks to the wide heel covered in fabric that, despite having a height of 10 cm, will seem that you walk on 8.5 cm thanks to its front platform.
    The opening of this sandal adapts to any type of foot and we make them from size 34 to 42, including medium sizes. However, if you need any customization or have any questions about the sandals, just contact us at style@just-ene.com.


    Use the size you normally wear for open shoes. This design is suitable for normal and thin feet due to its front opening.

    If  you need advise with your size do not hesitate to contact us via email to style@just-ene.com or WhatsApp (link below the size selector).

    If your size is not in stock, contact us to see if it is possible to make it to order. We cover from 34 to 42 including half numbers.

    If you are in Madrid (Spain) or you are planning a visit, we invite you to come to our atelier where our expert team in Fashion Styling and Design can assist you in a personalized way to choose the best size for these party sandals. You can book your in-person or virtual appointment through this link .


    - Heel: 10cm (8.5cm + platform)
    - Outer material: Blue velvet with platinum brocade leather texture
    - Lining: 100% goatskin
    - Chiaro braided heel
    - Sole: 100% leather
    - Comfort: internal gel insoles

    Made in Spain

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    This does not apply to personalized or commissioned models, whose delivery time is 6- 8 weeks. To know if your size or model is custom, you will see that next to the size the text "on request" appears.

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