Winter Brides.

Novias de Invierno.

While nature falls asleep under a layer of snow and fireplaces begin to crackle, many couples venture out to celebrate their love in the coldest time of the year. Although often overshadowed by spring and summer weddings, winter weddings have been gaining greater popularity thanks to their unmistakable charm.

More and more brides are venturing to celebrate their wedding in the Winter months or even during the designated Christmas dates, so in this post we present different tips and ideas for this celebration.

Models: Castello and Pietra .

Shoe or sandal?

Many of you visit us in the atelier wondering whether to wear a closed-toe shoe or a sandal; and the truth is that there are no written rules. Many of the ceremonies celebrated during this time take place indoors that have been prepared and acclimatized for the occasion.

The important thing is that you find your ideal shoe, one that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.

Color range.

White, burgundy, green and metallic are the star shades of this season thanks to their versatility and Christmas character.

Starting with the purest shade, the color white has returned to stay regardless of the season, season or era. Its tone unifies perfectly with the elegance of the bridal dress, helping to generate a polished and unique monochromatic look.

Model: Sweet Bianca , Aphrodite Bianca and Promessa di Amore .

The burgundy color is one of the most popular shades at Just-ENE, thanks to its versatility and elegance. This blonde color has a festive character, ideal for brides looking to be inspired by the autumn or Christmas range.

Models: New Riviera Rubino , Cherry Blossom and Donatella Rubino .

Continuing through the green tones, placing special emphasis on petrol green. A tone that brings elegance and good luck.

Models: Arrivederci , Valenzuela and Venezia .

And, finishing, with the metallic tones, a clear representation of this festive season full of light, shine and glamour.

Models:Cinderella , Golden Hour and Minerva .


Velvet, once again, is the main protagonist of this section. Apart from being one of our star materials at Just-ENE, the softness and elegance of this fabric is capable of making anyone fall in love with it.

Models: Marilyn and Promessa di Aqua .

Wool tweed, also known as Chanel fabric, is one of the most elegant materials that exist, in addition to being ideal for any bride looking for an ideal shoe for winter.

Models: Chiaro di Luna and Petit Trianon .

Glitter fabrics in the range of gold, silver and pinkish colors capable of elevating your look to the next level thanks to their unique shine.

Models: Allegra Gold and Donatella Gold .