GEMA:It is synonymous with a TRENDY bride, and with plumpness as we like.
Combining her wedding dress with the perfect bridal shoes was a task that had to be studied well to achieve proper balance and contrast.
Her wedding dress is by Fernando Claro, one of our favorite designers, because they always go one step further and perfectly combine textures, volumes and fabrics that are amazing.

You just have to see Gema's dress, with those TOP sleeves, with a square neckline and an open V-back.

For the shoes we thought of a design in metallic tones and this model allowed us to play combining different fabrics and textures.

We decided to make a set of metallic Italian velvet, with silver mirror straps, semi-open heel with glitter suede and a 10 cm wide silver-plated heel.

The result, we sincerely adore has fascinated, because it is an iconic design that you can always wear with all your favorite looks.

Thanks to Gema for remembering us and sending us these photos from KIWO STUDIO that show you this exclusive and brilliant MADE IN design so well SPAIN.

A very strong kiss Gema!