Bold and vibrant freshness

    Our Ibisco model is a tribute to all those women of character , with a natural tendency to lead and express their ideas with their own voice and overwhelming strength. At Just-ENE we have been inspired by the tropical hibiscus flower to make this model. These flowers sprout from the hibiscus , whose petals reach up to 15 cm in diameter, creating a natural spectacle , both due to the size of the flower and its striking color . A symbol of strength and natural character .

    What makes them special:

    The fuchsia color of the Italian velvet is the main characteristic that attracts attention of this design, with which, without a doubt, you will provide an unforgettable touch of color, both in your bridal or guest look .

    The bracelet is made up of a strip that emerges from the bridge and climbs up the ankle ending in a double loop, as if it were the branches of the Hibiscus flower.

    The heel provides a fairly pronounced contrast , but it complements perfectly with the rest of the design of our Ibisco model. This heel is made of brocaded, aged leather in golden tones , providing a double contrast.

    A chromatic contrast for complementarity and a contrast in texture , since the brocade complements the smooth Italian velvet.

    The platform and wide heel are perfect for women who decide to wear high-heeled shoes for that special event, without having to be used to wearing this type of footwear on a daily basis.

    Ibisco is a wide-heeled sandal model for the bride , for guests and for all those women who want to express their overwhelming character, radiating that strength with every step. Due to its tone, it can be combined with sandy or neutral colors or, in contrast , with ocher, green or yellow tones .


    For our fuchsia Ibisco sandals model, we recommend that you use your usual size of high heels.

    If  you need advise with your size do not hesitate to contact us via email to or WhatsApp (link below the size selector).

    If your size is not in stock, contact us to see if it is possible to make it to order. We cover from 34 to 42 including half numbers.

    If you are in Madrid (Spain) or you are planning a visit, we invite you to come to our atelier where our expert team in Fashion Styling and Design can assist you in a personalized way to choose the best size for these party sandals. You can book your in-person or virtual appointment through this link .


    - Heel: 10 cm.
    - Outer material: Italian fuchsia velvet.
    - Buckle: round with inlaid pearls.
    - Heel: wide.
    - Sole: 100% leather.
    - Comfort: internal gel insoles.

    Made in Spain

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