What is fashion?

Many times we think that being fashionable means buying that beautiful skirt, dress, shoes or bag that everyone is wearing. But in the end, we all often feel frustrated when we arrive at a wedding or an event and someone is wearing the exact same thing as us. And we still ask ourselves, why? It really is easy as well as obvious, "it's fashionable", and we've all bought the same thing. It was hard not to hit.

I still remember when I was young, I was 15 years old, and of course there were always 3 big groups of “trendsetters”. If everyone went with a boat shoe and a Lacoste polo shirt, obviously you couldn't be less. If they all had Nike Air Max with an air chamber in phosphorescent yellow, more of the same. And of course, when you appeared with the "Yumas" because the family budget was not enough for the "Puma" you were out of the loop.

Fashion has often forced us to look the same, but let's face it, we are different! Not all of us like brown shoes if they are worn or 14 cm heels if this is “trend”. But fashion often leaves us no other choice.

I never liked 4 cm platforms, but when you go to 30 stores and you can only choose between that and some ballerinas, in the end you succumb, you have no other option. And the best thing is that in the end you end up liking it, even if you step on a stone in the street, you become destabilized and fall in front of the door of the fashionable bar. The only option is to hide it and take it with humor.

That's why we like to be different more and more, we want to have a Coca-Cola can with our name on it, we like to customize our sneakers and put our name on them, and we even customize our M&M's (“emanems” for friends ).

Men are years ahead of us at this, how many businessmen have you seen with their initials embroidered on their tailored shirts exactly the way they want?

I think we are in a new era, in which we set fashion and not fashion sets us. Let's get the phrase "to be fashionable" out of our heads, you "ARE FASHION".

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