Just-ENE dazzles with its flat sandals.

Just-ENE deslumbra con sus sandalias planas.

Those of you who know us well know that we have always opted, whether to a greater or lesser extent, for a good heel.

Our priority has always been to offer a handmade product created with the best fabrics and leathers on the market , taking care of even the smallest details; everything so that you dazzle at any event. But what about day to day?

With the arrival of summer, travel, suitcases and going from one place to another, we know that there is nothing better than getting good footwear that is versatile and comfortable . For this reason, today we present our "Sunset" collection , our most affordable line , where you can discover our flat sandals, ideal for everyday use.


Starting with our Pillow pattern, characterized by its butterfly silhouette and its quilted upper with herringbone stitching that you can find in our Pillow Black and Pillow Toffe models.

It is their simplicity, comfort and versatility that make these elegant flat sandals a perfect purchase for this summer as they fit into any style, wardrobe and suitcase. You can find them as a flat sandal or as a 4cm low sandal.

RRP: 169.95 EUR


With our Creta pattern we continue to maintain the slingback and padded aesthetic of the Pillow flat sandals, but with a peaked cut on the front, providing elegance, design and stylizing the foot .

You can only find this design on our Creta Cream , Creta Nude and Creta Linen flat sandals.

RRP: 179.95 EUR


Some of you may recognize this pattern from models like Cinderella or Naked Bordeaux, our 10cm sandals. However, we have adapted this strip pattern to bring it in our Sunset collection.

Although in previous models we have presented you with a very neutral color range, with our Naked pattern we bring you more striking and metallic materials that will work perfectly as your wardrobe staple .

Now available in our Cairo , Rio , Bali and Miami models.

RRP: 189.95 EUR


Our Naos design is characterized by its aesthetic strips that wrap, stylize and adorn the foot .

Thanks to its satin cord that you can place around your ankle as you like, Naos is one of our most elegant and versatile patterns, since you can use it in a thousand different ways.

Discover our range of colors in Naos Green , Naos Black and Naos Silver .

RRP: 199.95 EUR


Like our Naked pattern, you may also recognize our Alliance design from models like Malta and Cameron. Sandals that are characterized by the ring present on the front that works as a buckle, allowing you to adjust the width of your sandal .

Their versatility, comfort and choice of materials make our Alliance Jeans , Monaco and Alliance Cream models a great choice for this summer.

RRP: 199.95 EUR

You can find all of these models now available on our website, so don't hesitate and dare to take each of your looks this summer to the next level.

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