How to choose comfortable and elegant women's shoes?


Choosing comfortable and elegant women's shoes for an event means thinking about a large number of factors such as comfort, style, the design, the combination with the dress and the place of the event, among others. And the list goes on!

Our Just-ENE team is made up of experts in styling and fashion design, so when you visit our atelier you will be in the best hands. They will take all factors into account!

Who better than our team with training and experience in fashion to help you bring out your best version? Precisely, in this publication we leave you some keys that our stylists use to know if it is the right shoe or not.

Keys for choosing comfortable and elegant women's shoes for special events

Getting a perfect match between dress and shoes is not easy at all! In fact, it takes many years of training and experience in fashion to have sophisticated taste with which to differentiate which combinations enhance the personality of a guest or bride and which do not.

For this reason, in addition to being experts in the manufacture of personalized shoes and designer shoes, at Just-ENE we are committed to your style for that special event, so that count on a n look as unique as you. Next, we leave you some of the secrets of our stylists and designers to make the right decision.

Type of shoe and heel height

One of the first questions we ask is the following: what type of shoe do you usually wear in your day to day? If you are used to wearing flat shoes or sneakers, it would not make sense to choose shoes high heel. An event is not the occasion for experiments!

In these cases, low-heeled closed-toe shoes, wide-heeled shoes with a strap or sandals with crosses on the front and heel area they are surely the types of shoes with which you will be comfortable throughout the day event. In our atelier we will do all the tests to find the right shoe!

On the contrary, if you are more used to wearing heels in your day-to-day life, high-heeled shoes, with platforms or something more open, could be perfect. Although it all depends on the dress!

If it is a classic dress with a classic cut, to the floor, we will most likely opt for salon shoes, rather than, for example, sandals. It is much more elegant and feminine to see the toe of the shoe and not the toes!

But, get rid of stress! Everything we have said so far we can check in our atelier at Calle Almirante, 18, in Madrid! In fact, we will offer you several types of shoes, with different heights and different styles so that you can discover the perfect shoe for this occasion.


Whether they are collectible shoes or personalized shoes we will help you find the right shape and style. For our brides, we also have a fabric that, like a bridal skirt, will help you see how the shoes look and, thus, get an idea of ​​the final look.

Type of event

We all know that a daytime wedding is not the same as a evening wedding. But neither is an event on a farm or inn, in the outdoors, the same as a wedding in a church and ballroom!

Our goal is that you feel comfortable and that you can enjoy your collection shoes or personalized shoes throughout the event.This is why if, for example, you have the idea of ​​wearing stilettos but the wedding takes place outdoors, we will recommend a pair of high-heeled shoes The grass or the old cobblestones of the gardens and inns can be really annoying if you wear a thin heel, whether it's a pump or a sandal! With a wide heel you will make that lawn your runway!


Many of you come to our atelier to choose your shoes several months in advance. This gives us room to work on making your shoes!

However, we will ask you when the event will be, not only because of the manufacturing margin, but for a quite simple reason that often goes unnoticed: our feet change depending on the temperature, depending on the seasons.

A shoe for a winter event will surely have a half size less and, on the contrary, if the wedding is held in summer. All the sizes and half sizes tests will be done in our atelier!



Finally, another of the basic factors for our stylists and which is key in the entire counseling process is the following: stockings yes or stockings no? The use of stockings tends to compress and shrink the foot a little. We will also take this into account in the tests and in the choice of the final shoe!

Do you need advice to find comfortable and elegant women's shoes? Book your appointment!

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