The cold is coming and with it the first weddings and autumnal events. Many of you are those who leave floral prints and vaporous fabrics behind to give way to monochrome and strong looks.

That is why we come with some small tips to help you choose your accessories for the perfect party look.

Our first advice is the "closet bottom". Get a black, nude or gold shoe or sandal. Any of these colors will be your best ally when it comes to completing a look.

In this case we use our star Allegra Gold as an example, a golden platform sandal with a 10 cm heel that will save you from any trouble.

Or our incredible 13 cm sandal Shantal in a rose gold tone that will give your skin a subtle glow, achieving that kilometer-long leg effect.

Continuing with our second tip: don't be afraid to use color contrasts. You can play with different shades or even play with complementary shades. Then look for accessories or jewelry in the same tone to complete your outfit.

In this case, Sandra has chosen our sandal Ufizzi and its 10 cm baroque heel brought to the tone and gold sparkles (also available in closed toe) that combines perfectly with this bag, designed by ByGitano, which you can find and customize in our atelier.

Finally, our last tip is to look for a material that matches. This will give your look a unique connection.

Although this decision can be risky, using textured velvets or other materials like tweed will help you find the perfect shade for your look.

Taking our model as reference Afrodita Zaffiro whose base of petroleum velvet with a water texture generates reflections that fit perfectly with the tone of the dress .

Or our model Amethyst, which will bring that burst of color to your look thanks to its bougainvillea tone and frayed chiffon.

Look 1:

Set: Whitethorn

Bag: Oceanis

Look 2:

Dress: Mabel Galindo

Look 3:

Monkey: Apparentia

Bag: ByGitano

Look 4:

Lola Li Dress

Bag: Oceani

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