With our custom shoe atelier we wanted to create a corner where every woman is important. For us, each woman is different and that is why what we like the most is that you mark your own style in our shoes, creating something as unique as yourselves.

We have always found it very frustrating to look for a certain shoe and not find it, when it is not the height it is the color and when not its design. For this reason we have wanted to offer a wide variety of lasts, designs and materials so that fashion is the one that suits you, and not you the fashion.

For this we have focused on three pillars: design, quality and comfort. These three pillars are applied to each of our designs and lasts.

Our goal is to extol the beauty and identity of that woman who wears Just-Ene. We want the woman who Just-Ene chooses to be strong, feel attractive, feminine and elegant. This is the character that we print to each of our designs and options.

And as we are aware that the world and fashion is constantly evolving, that is why each season we introduce new designs and options, so that you can always create fresh and trendy designs.

Since our shoes are completely handmade, we take between 4 and 8 weeks to create them.

If you want to start designing your shoes, write to us at style@just-ene.com or book an appointment at our shop-atelier in Madrid (C/ Almirante, 18) by clicking here. There you can try our lasts, appreciate the qualities and see and touch the colors and materials to choose the options that you like best.

If you want to contact us by email and to give you the best advice, the ideal would be to tell us:

  1. What type of shoe would you like to personalize?: open or closed shoe? sandals, peep toes or pumps / stilettos?
  2. What height of heel do you feel comfortable with and what would you like to wear on your wedding day?: high or low heel? with or without platform?
  3. What colors or materials would you like to personalize your shoes in?: if you have a predilection for a material such as suede, leather, patent leather... or if there is one that you completely discard and if you were looking for a certain color specifically
  4. What size do you wear? We manufacture from size 34 to 43 in most of the designs. If you have feet of different sizes, you can also tell us here. Since we manufacture to order, we can make each foot in a different number.
  5. Is there anything that you would like us to take into account? If you would like to add some decoration, if you have wide or narrow feet or any defect that you want to hide, if the floor of the wedding venue is a cobblestone or if it rains a lot there. That is, everything you want to tell us about. All the information you want to give us will help us get to know you and give you the best possible recommendation.

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