How to take care of your Just-ENE.

Cómo cuidar de tus Just-ENE.

At Just-ENE we specialize in the design and customization of footwear for events, weddings or even for your daily life.

All our shoes are made by hand with a goatskin lining (although we also have vegan lining). It is a rigid material that you have to shape and adapt to your foot . For this, our recommendation is always that you use them; Take them to your dress fittings, at home, to other events,...Please avoid using moisturizing cream to soften the lining since it can absorb part of the product and damage or stain the external fabric.

There are many samples and variety of fabrics that we have in the atelier. However, in this publication we bring different advice, care and small tips for the care of our most popular materials.


Silk velvet is one of Just-ENE's star materials thanks to its elegance, quality and wide range of colors.

As it is a fabric made from fibers, most of the dirt tends to stay on the outer layer , which makes it easier to clean, which would consist of gently wiping the fabric with a slightly damp cloth .

However, here are other things to keep in mind if you choose velvet as the main fabric for your wedding shoes:

  1. If your velvet is short fiber, we recommend combing the fabric gently to achieve a uniform color.
  2. On the other hand, if it is a long-fiber smooth velvet, we recommend storing it outside the box as the fiber could bend.
  3. If the fiber has become bent, take an iron and carefully apply the steam to the damaged area for a few seconds. Then comb it gently with a sponge. Repeat this process a few times for a better result.
  4. On the other hand, if your shoe is designed with a textured velvet , avoid using water vapor or wetting the fabric, as the texture could be damaged.

Metallic fabrics, linens and tweed.

Other of our most popular materials are metallic fabrics thanks to their versatility and shine . They work so well as a wardrobe staple that it is impossible not to use them for any event.

The vast majority of these materials are sheets on which a metallic pattern is printed or fabrics to which a texture is applied using heat. In order to care for and maintain the qualities of these fabrics, our recommendation is to use a slightly damp wipe to remove dirt.

Continuing with linen, at Just-ENE we work with high-weight linen previously worked to be used in footwear. Its "rustic" aesthetic is ideal for any boho style bridal shoe .

It is a very resistant material so usually, like metallic fabrics, a fabric moistened with water and a little neutral soap is more than enough to clean shoes made of this material.

And, finishing with this category, tweed . It is probably one of the fabrics that best represents the elegance, style and "old money" aesthetic that is so trendy right now.

As it is a fabric made mostly of wool fibers, dirt remains on the outer layer of the fabric. To clean it, we recommend that you gently rub the affected area with water and neutral soap. This way you will ensure that the wool fiber does not fray.

Satin or satin.

Although satin and satin are very popular fabrics in bridal dresses, the truth is that it and footwear are not the best allies.

Its natural shine and silky touch can be quickly altered if this smooth material is worked on the outside of the shoe. That is why our recommendation is always to apply it in very specific points or use a textured or printed satin.

In view of.

Suede shoes, since they are made of leather, require different care. In this case, it is preferable to do dry cleaning since, otherwise, it could absorb part of the product and present stains or darken.

A tip for its care is to brush the suede with a pad of crepe or with an eraser, failing that. In this way we can clean the footwear of the small fibers that appear with its use.

Another little tip is for your black suede shoes. If you want to achieve a more intense or darker tone , moisten the shoe with water vapor . It will make your shoes look new.

Patent leather or mirror sheets.

The metallic finishes of the mirror sheets are very popular in our collection thanks to their versatility, shine and energy that they provide in each of the designs.

Like patent leather , they are shiny materials, a quality that can be altered or smoked if they are stored in the box for a long time. This has a quick and easy solution by cleaning them with a cloth .

Metallic heels.

Our metallic heels receive that finish thanks to a coating similar to that of bracelets or watches. This is the most resistant finish we have for our heels.

Although some of our models have lined heels, whenever it is a thin heel (or mostly) we recommend opting for this finish for its resistance and quick cleaning.

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