Tips for choosing comfortable wedding shoes

Consejos para elegir unos zapatos de novia cómodos

If you were to ask us what our brides' main concern is when they perform shoe fittings in the atelier, the answer is simple: comfort . Weddings mark a milestone in the life calendar of every couple and, above all, of every woman . On this day, receiving family and friends, the religious or civil ceremony and all the subsequent celebration, there are moments of high demand in which enjoyment should be the most important thing.

Therefore, the main concern of our brides is that the pair of shoes they choose allows them to be authentic and recreate every detail of the wedding without limitations.

This is the reason why at Just-ENE we have created personalized bridal shoes and collection shoes in which comfort is as important as design. With Just-ENE, you will enjoy all the details of your wedding, without noticing an ounce of fatigue in your steps.

Keys from our Styling and Fashion experts to choose comfortable bridal shoes

All Just-ENE shoes start from lasts specifically created so that comfort is its name. Now, we know that each woman , each bride , is completely unique and, obviously, this affects the design , materials and shape of the shoes .

Our team at the atelier, located on Calle Almirante 18, in Madrid , are experts in professionally advising each and every woman who wants to dazzle on their big day with one of our models. The reason is that they are professionals with training and experience in Fashion Styling and Design , so they know all the textures, shades, colors, types of shoes, heights, types of heels and their respective combinations to enhance each detail.

You can go to our atelier and our team will advise you on the design of your personalized shoes or your collection shoes. Meanwhile, we leave you some of her tricks to get your wedding shoes right.

Consider the wedding location and time of year

When choosing wedding shoes, it is essential to specify in which space the event will be held. A wedding in an inn , farm or hacienda is not the same as in a hotel equipped for events or in more special places such as castles or palaces . Likewise, the type of shoe varies if the wedding takes place during the winter or summer months .

In this sense, we must take into account the type of soil, the distances to be covered and the temperature , since the feet usually decrease a little in size during the cold months and, conversely, in summer .

Think about the design of the dress and how the shoes match.

Just-ENE shoes are original, elegant and different shoes, which always add a jewel touch to your bridal look . However, it is necessary to specify how the high-heeled shoes are going to be combined with the wedding dress : by analogy , by complementarity , following a monochromatic style or combining with triadic colors . Will warm or cold tones predominate?

The use of stockings

Stockings always tend to compress the feet a little . Even more so if we are talking about weddings that will be held in winter and for which you will wear stockings. In that case you may need a half size or a size smaller . You can perform all these tests in our atelier!

Height, shoe type and platform

Our brides look for comfortable and elegant shoes and, in this sense, it is essential to know the type of heels they usually wear on a daily basis, not only because the wedding is not a good time to experiment, but because part of feeling comfortable with Bridal shoes must fit you like a glove, both in design , style , shape and height .

If you normally wear wide-heeled shoes with a platform and open toe, you might look a little strange in closed, pointed-toe pumps without a platform. Just-ENE shoes are different because they have their own personality . Our styling experts will help you find the pair of shoes that best fit your style and enhance your personality and character .

Make an appointment and come to our atelier!

We recommend that you order your Just-ENE shoes 8 weeks in advance if you choose to create custom shoes , as the manufacturing process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks and, then, you will be able to count on your shoes for fittings. dress.

On the other hand, if you decide on shoes from our collection, they can arrive at your home in approximately 4 to 7 days . If you need advice or would like to carry out tests to find your perfect shoes , book an appointment now at our atelier through the following link .

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